One Nation Painting

If you’d like a really deep belly laugh, I can do no better than suggest you visit some of the following links.

The first one here will take you to an interactive painting by an extremely confused artist that understands little about the religious views of the American founding fathers. This site, in and of itself, is hilarious.

If you can stand it, a “patriotic” video about the painting can be found here.

Finally, here is wonderful “parody” of the site – though I hesitate to call it that. The “parody” is far more in accord with reality than the original work.


2 Responses to “One Nation Painting”

  1. >artist that understands little about the religious views of the American >founding fathers

    Thanks for link!

  2. As a follower of Jesus I often wonder about people’s ideas about Him. One such belief is of our founding fathers being Christian (a definition here would be wide) & our country being founded upon Christianity. Certainly, you can’t escape many of the influences Christianity has had upon the moral, legal, & ethical ideas of America. That said, this picture really typifies what many believe, while remaining little more than folklore. Many Christians are disturbed to find: Jesus isn’t American. Likewise, Deism was much more in vogue with the political elite, then & now, vs. following a carpenter who says, “Give to God what is God & give to Caesar what is Caesars.”

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